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My small talk sucks.


Discover how I transformed the fictional company GreenCloud's onboarding process, taking it from a disjointed experience to a cohesive, engaging journey that rapidly accelerates new hires' time-to-productivity, boosts employee satisfaction, and sets the stage for the company's sustainable growth. Click below to explore the innovative onboarding solution that's propelling GreenCloud to new heights!


TBD. If you have a restaurant in the Austin Metro area and would like a free analysis on any issue that you might be having, reach out to me and I will give you up to two weeks of my time to create a solution(s).

Any Industry

There is sometimes a misconception that in order for an instructional designer to be effective, they must be an expert in the business line they are working in. This is a myth as I am in an expert in instructional design. It doesn't matter the industry as I lean on subject matter experts to get the information and use my expertise to make it digestable to the appropriate audience and exceed business goals. If you have a small business between the size of 20 to 100 employees, I am offering my expertise for free in order to build my porfolio. Contact me!

The Details

There are a bunch of theories, models, and over twenty years of experience in the field plus academic chops (BS in Education and MS in Instructional Design) that has led me to the point of confidently saying that I am a Senior Instructional Designer. This means that I don't just "make things pretty" or create click through Storyline decks or Articulate Storyline modules. Granted, I can do that but that isn't my real value. My real value is making your company, no matter the industry, more efficient and make more money. If you just need some "check-box" training, there are cheaper options. If you need results, let me know. If you want a glimpse at some of the boring stuff, peak under the hood.